Well hi there! I’m so glad you’re here.

This is where smart, savvy (and busy) women business owners come to find their true voice, inspiration, ideas and more to create authentic content that’s truly THEIRS. Content that will rock their biz by attracting ideal clients, build a community, and make more money.

Everything starts with a word, whether it’s written or spoken. I help busy women entrepreneurs like you find their words, then craft and mold them into something irresistible. From hot web copy (like that pesky About page you keep going ’round and ’round on), emails and sales pages that sell, to knuckling down and writing blog posts and articles  that will engage and connect with your audience. (And – in case you’re wondering – you DO have the TIME.)

Even if you HATE to write – *gasp!* – we’ll explore ways to help you get the job done painlessly and keep the idea generator chugging. Content is the foundation that builds your empire and community. It helps you serve others, even if they don’t buy from you. And, it makes you irresistible online.

And if it turns out you absolutely need things done yesterday, I can help with certain done-for-you services by request.

Together, let’s find YOUR voice. You deserve to be heard. You deserve to be irresistible online.

Just what is a “Content Hacker”?

Simply put, I help brilliant women entrepreneurs like you stand out, swim against the current, and be irresistible online by becoming productive, strategic community-builders through content.

I help them develop a content plan they’ll stick to (even if they HATE writing!), ignite ideas, and spruce up their writing skills so they’re more authentic, confident creators and community-builders.

You may be relatively new in business, or you’ve been around for awhile but traffic, sign ups and sales are starting to slow. Or, maybe you just don’t think you’ve got the time for it.

Whatever your story is, I can help you craft a more compelling, engaging and irresistible one.

Come on in and take a look around.