Revolutionary women who shun the status quo and challenge the ordinary. Every. Damn. Day.

Renegades who enjoy living their lives like they never thought – or dreamed they could.

The hi-octane insurgents that are tired and bored with everyday blasé, and are ready to blaze.

Smart, kick-ass bossladies who know that being invisible doesn’t pay the bills…and neither does crappy copy.

I’m Lisa-May Huby, Sales Copy Strategist.

And I write magical, amazing words that convert, persuade and sell. In fact, I’ve been slinging compelling, cash-generating copy for over a decade, helping business owners like you attract their ideal customers and make money.

I also know that:

  • You’ve got mere seconds for someone to decide if they want to know more about you (or not)
  • Your bland, vanilla message filled with jargon, non-words and stiff, formal writing keeps you invisible and hidden (you’re meant to SHINE)
  • The RIGHT words get you out of designer knockoffs and into the real deal (bonjour, Louis Vuitton!)
  • You’ve downloaded every free copywriting tip, trick and persuasion formula on the ‘net, but still can’t get the words to work (dammit)
  • The thought of selling and sounding “salesy” turns your stomach. You’re in it for more than just the money…but you’re in business. And businesses make money – or they’re just an expensive hobby

You’re in the right place for smart, savvy and sometimes sassy words that will help you make your mark…and MONEY.

Stop sucking