I use the science of buyer psychology and the art of persuasion to help online entrepreneurs sell their products and services…and explode their revenue.

…Or, as I like to say, I write “bulletproof copy”.

What IS “bulletproof copy”?

Bulletproof copy is irresistible, magnetic and compelling.

Bulletproof copy is persuasive, impenetrable, and leaves absolutely ZERO wiggle room for second-guessing. 

But most of all…

Bulletproof copy wins the hearts and minds of your customers…

…and makes your biggest fans grab for their wallets like it’s a pistol and they’re in a high noon shootout at the OK Corral.


But before we go too far, let’s get one thing straight:

Persuasion is NOT manipulation.

Persuasive copywriting is simply understanding what makes your customers hot n’ bothered, and gives them a nudge in the right direction to solve their biggest, hairiest frustration – NOT trying to strongarm them with sketchy tactics into buying something that isn’t in their best interest.

Bulletproof, persuasive copy hooks your reader and grabs ‘em by the short and curlies so they’re drooling to know more, more, MORE.

Bulletproof copy pries open your buyers’ brain for a sneak peek at what makes them…

…Buy from you, even if there are a gazillion others out there doing the same thing you are

…Throw money, email addresses and silk undies at your feet, even if you’re not Hollywood or Insta-famous

…Rave about you to everyone, everywhere – their neighbours, friends, online besties – even the Wal-Mart checkout girl (in a totally non-creepy way, of course)


But more importantly…

Bulletproof copy accelerates your business and your bottom line

What would you do with more money and more time…and less of the launch grind?


What if all your launches hauled in those magical 6-figures? (Dare ya to go for 7…totally possible, with the right strategic partner)


What if you were able to impact more people, faster with your life-changing product or service?

… What if 2x, 5x or 10x your revenue was only the beginning?

I work with coaches, information marketers, and status quo-busting entrepreneurs who have products and services that people desperately need, and want to get them launched into the world with a solid strategy, and without the giant headache or time-sucking task of hustling truckloads of content.

When you see others online bragging about their 6- and 7-figure launches, you might feel (with just a tinge of envy) that your offerings are just as good as theirs – if not better – and you wonder how the heck they do it without the usual frustration, launch burn-out or sketchy results.

After working on hundreds of launches over more than two decades and helping thousands of online entrepreneurs get better results from copy that converts, I’ve discovered how to leverage my expertise to help others successfully launch online while saving their time and sanity, make craploads of money, and have the giant impact they desire.

It’s time to get serious about turning browsers into buyers, yo.


Stop sucking


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