4 Silent Launch-Killers & Why No One Bought Your Thing



Ever had a launch that failed? Like, fell flatter than boobs squished in a mammogram vice?


I think we’ve all been there at some point.

You pour er’ythang you’ve got into an amazing THING you want to sell…

And then hear crickets. *chirp chirp!*

What did you do wrong? Why didn’t anyone buy?

It might be one amazingly simple thing, or a wild and wicked combo of circumstances that killed your launch.

Here are 4 areas to put under the microscope so you can learn from your mistakes and rock your next launch like WHOA.


# 1 Was your offer something people actually want?

Maybe you’ve heard this one before: FIND THE GAP. This means pre-validate your idea with people before you try to sell it. Make sure it’s actually something they want – not necessarily need, and definitely not just something YOU want to sell – and will pay for.

So how exactly do you do that? Here are a few ideas:

  • Check out comments in FB groups where your peeps hang out. Lurk, pay attention to what they’re saying sucks for them right now
  • Use Survey Monkey to poll your list. Post it in FB groups, on your page – wherever you interact with your dream clients the most
  • Get people on the phone. Do quick, 15-minute calls that help people solve ONE thing in exchange for information-gathering. The most popular problem wins, and just might be your next blockbuster opt-in or offer

NOTE: these should be no-pitch calls – which means, you’re NOT SELLING. You’re just helping. And before you roll your eyes and wonder why you’re giving your skills away when you’re trying to get more business, it’s not forever. Do it for a couple of weeks or a month – keep it to a few calls a week (you probably spend more time screwing around on FB than that anyway).

You’ll notice a trend quickly, and can nix the free calls until the next time. Don’t forget to keep a list of who you’ve talked to so you can follow up with them – but make sure you don’t just add them to your mailing list. Let them come to you.


# 2 Did your sales page hit the right triggers?

Humans are seriously illogical creatures, and the copy on your sales page needs to tap into what makes people buy.

Here’s what you need to remember:

People buy a better version of themselves. Click To Tweet

Which means the copy on your sales page has gotta make your reader feel:

  • Beautiful
  • Safe
  • Successful
  • Comfortable
  • Popular
  • Smart
  • Curious
  • Like they’ll miss out
  • Scared
  • Prestigious
  • Likeable
  • Rich
  • Special
  • Generous
  • Sexy
  • Like everything will be okay
  • The first
  • Like an authority

Sexy Kitty

Take a peek at your sales copy. Does it make YOU feel any of these? If not, rewrite it.

If your copy doesn’t make YOU feel something, it won’t work for anyone else either. Click To Tweet


# 3 Your email funnel jumped the shark

How many emails did you write for your launch – 4, 5…10?

The number of emails you need depends on…

  • How long your cart is open for
  • How you’re bringing people into your funnel (eg. from a webinar)
  • WHAT you’re selling and the level of commitment from the purchaser
  • Your KLT factor – do people know, like, and trust you?

Often, email funnels fall short because the number of emails required is sadly underestimated. Which means you could be swinging for a home run when your reader might only be at first base.


The purpose of an email funnel is to guide people through the buying process and nurture it along the way. Moving in for the sale too early – before you’ve primed your reader and got them ready for it – will drive them away.

Your email funnel can either be your strongest ally or your weakest link. Click To Tweet


# 4 You didn’t have the right plan…or any plan

*UGH!* Planning, right?

There are a few entrepreneurs out there who I know launch something every week. But unless you’ve got a ginormous list that’ll eat up everything you put out there, big or small, you don’t have the privilege of shooting from the hip when it comes to launching.

You need to get the word out, grow your list even more, build intrigue, and SELL.

Which means planning out weeks – or months – in advance. (Here’s all the copy you’ll need to plan + write for your next launch)


Because the copywriting alone can take weeks to complete, and trust me, it will always take you WAY longer than you think.

Just like every business needs a plan to succeed, your launch needs one too. Click To Tweet

Launching without a well-developed plan (that includes these 10 copy essentials) can be like getting the bathroom stall with no toilet paper.

Messy, embarrassing and often disastrous.

Spare a square?

What are the a-HA’s or lessons you can learn from your last launch? Let me know in the comments below!

Need help zeroing in on where your sales page or funnel emails are missing? I can uncover exactly where your copy’s leaving money on the table and give you the steps to make it better. Learn more.



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