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Copy that makes you shake, shimmy and BOOM-SHAKA-LAKA all the way to the bank (or at least your PayPal account)

If there’s one thing I know, it’s that…


You want more “Show me the monaaaaaay!” Jerry Maguire moments from your business than gut-wrenching, anxiety-inducing, “Money Pit” memories.


Maybe you’ve been trying to tough it out on your own (I see the pile of downloaded freebies, worksheets and pdfs you’re hoarding over in your inbox)…

Or you’ve been going with the whole “better done than perfect” mantra (not on MY watch!), and just throwing stuff out there, getting “meh” results…

Or you think that persuasive copy means having to convince, manipulate, and twist arms to buy your stuff…

I don’t know how you got here, but one thing’s for sure:

If you’ve got boring, half-assed copy on your sales page, in your funnel sequence emails, landing page or website, it’s costing you money.

Face it: going it on your own stinks.

Trying to do ALL. THE. THINGS and wearing all the hats just doesn’t work…

Which means your business isn’t working, either.

If you want to make the giant impact you desire with your big dreams and ideas, you need help to make it happen.

I’ll don my Superhero cape so you can build and run a business that supports your family, yourself, and your dreams, one extraordinarily persuasive word at a time. 


I see too many smart business owners underestimate the value of great copy, discounting it as a “nice to have” when it comes to investing their time and money.

Which sucks, ‘cause that means they continue to struggle needlessly, and take the slow road to success…or never reach the level they desire.

But you’re a smart cookie (you’re here, right?), so you already know that persuasive words help you…


…Stand out from the noise, the B.S. and everyone else doing the same thing as you

Because there IS such a thing as competition. And blending in is the kiss of death to any online business.

…Attract the right clients

‘Cause there’s nothing worse than wasting your time on people who aren’t the perfect fit for you – except for undies that are a titch too small…

…make the impact – and MONEY – you want

You’ll never make the impact you want without money. More money = more impact. 

It’s time to put the kibosh on treating money like a villain.

So you can ultimately…

Your business is ready for a King- (or Queen-) sized upgrade.

I’ll admit it…I’ve always been a grammar and spelling geek.

And after fruitlessly knocking on the corporate glass ceiling in sales and marketing at Fortune 500 companies (where I always not-so-secretly, picked apart everyone’s communications), I fell in love with copywriting.

It was the perfect fusion of word nerdery and suave marketing with just the right dose of creative swagger I could really sink my teeth into.

As I dove deeper into copywriting, studying the greats, the masters and dozens of dry, dusty old “classic” sales letters, I realized that…

Just because you can write a story, author a book or sling a decent blog post, or spell perfectly and grammarly your way through communications, it doesn’t mean you can write copy that SELLS.


Before working with Lisa-May, I knew I could write but didn’t know how or even why writing copy that speaks to others is so different than writing a book, article, or blog post.  Wow!  I was so wrong about that!

I can’t say enough good things about working with Lisa-May. She took what I had written, waved her magic wand over it, and created something magically compelling for my ideal clients.

Plus, she is generous with her time and made me feel so supported. 

Dr. Amy Canatta

Business & Vibrant Living Coach, amycanatta.com

This ain’t my first rodeo…

In fact, I’ve been a professional copywriter for over a decade. I’ve worked with some of the best copywriters in the world, Fortune 500 companies and small businesses before deciding to focus my zone of genius on writing sales copy for online entrepreneurs.

I was trained by some of the best direct response Master Copywriters in the biz, and have invested YEARS and countless hours learning to write copy that converts.

Which means the copy you get from me sounds like you…only WAY better. It’s infused with loads of personality, coupled with my recipe of proven conversion tactics and strategies for the online space.

The results? Speak for themselves…



Thank you for reworking my emails so beautifully! You’ve encapsulated EVERYTHING I wanted to say with such authenticity, I couldn’t tell the difference between my voice or yours.
I think you may just have sold your soul to the devil because now I need you on standby. There’s something about writing for me that misses the mark just a little and you were able to hack my brain and pull those words out exactly how I would have {but couldn’t}.
Monica Boeru

Certified Life Coach & Parent Educator, The Parent-Teen Whisperer


Outsourcing to a copywriter can be tricky. Our biggest concern is whether they can demonstrate experience and that they’ve got a portfolio and examples to show from past work.

Hot on its heels is whether they’ll be able to capture the voice perfectly, so it actually sounds like who it’s supposed to. My laid-back style and voice are highly unique, so it was a huge consideration when it came time to hire someone to write our signature product’s sales page.

It’s a good thing for us that Lisa-May’s not only an experienced sales page copywriter, but that one of her superpowers is nailing the client’s voice perfectly.

Scott Oldford



One of the biggest worries I faced hiring a copywriter was whether the finished product would still sound like me, and match my personality and voice. I mean, how the heck could someone else do that?

I don’t know what her secret is, but Lisa-May nailed it perfectly. Plus, she’s amazingly easy to work with, efficient and professional.

She’s the complete package, and the secret weapon I love to have in my back pocket!

Julie Cornish

Online Business Mentor, Mindset Expert & Bestselling Author, juliecornish.com

Ready to dive in? Cool!

But before we hop into business together, there are some things you should know about working with me…

First – and I’ll be upfront about it – if you’re looking for $300 copy, you won’t find that here. But if you’re on a budget, you’ll find TONS of helpful resources here. Or, grab one of these sessions here.

What you see is what you get – both in real life and copywriting. I’m known for “edgy” copy with swagger and a healthy dose of attitude, that’s down-to-earth and direct, no frills, B.S. or punches held (my hubby actually thinks I should be “nicer” in my copy). If you’re looking for sugar-coated, syrupy-sweet fluffy copy, I’m not the copywriter for you.

I’ve decided to focus on writing sales pages, sales/marketing funnel emails and landing pages for online entrepreneurs because it sucks to see smart people doing dumb things when it comes to selling their products and services. (Website copy is available if my schedule allows. Contact me for details).

I love when my clients are willing and able to test their copy whenever possible – new against old, headline variations, different calls-to-action – and share their results with me for case study purposes. Copywriting is an experiment, and hard numbers on what works and what doesn’t are important.

When possible, I want to experience what you’re selling before I write anything – after all, my reputation’s on the line too. Which means I’ll want to use and/or experience your product or service to make sure I’m comfortable with selling it.


I believe wholeheartedly that #wordsaremoney, and I’m as invested in your success as you are, whether writing copy for you or giving you the materials and resources to do it yourself.

4 things you probably don’t care about but I’m going to tell you anyway…

I’m a Canadian gal with a Southern name who currently resides in the snowbelt north of Toronto, Ontario. #movingsoon

I’m a competitive Masters CrossFit athlete, which means when I’m not slinging money-making words for amazing clients, I’m throwing down at the gym. #idrankthekoolaid

I love (like LOVE love) coffee, white wine my hubby makes, and coconut rum. Not necessarily in that order. #its5oclocksomewhere

I’m an action flick junkie and FPS (first person shooter) video game addict…which probably means I’m really a twelve-year-old boy inside a grown-ass woman’s body. #hellopuberty

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