If you’ve been around the online biz world for awhile, chances are you’ve already felt the pressure to…

…Get a website designed, written and published

…Create content, content, and – for shitz n’ giggles – MORE CONTENT

…Conceive of and launch an online course or program

…Mastermind, plan and WRITE (oh, the writing!) a sales funnel

…and a gazillion other things that need to be written


But here’s the thing:

You n’ me, we both know that writing great copy takes time. And it takes even longer when you aren’t an experienced copywriter who knows what makes people click the BUY button and give you a loud, resounding HELL YES.

So even if you’ve already gone and written (or, let’s face it – copied) copy for all the funnel emails, your landing pages, sales pages, social media posts, launch copy, yadda yadda yadda…

…Chances are, your results ain’t exactly blowing your hair back like a top-down convertible racing down a sunny Cali freeway and sending you grinning like an goofball all the way to the bank (riiiiight?).


Which brings me to this:

How can I help you grow your business and blow the roof off your sales goals today?

If you’re looking to hire an experienced copywriter to help you locate and plug the holes in your copy that are tanking your results and draining your wallet…

…Or if you really, truly get that your online marketing efforts are only as good as your COPY (not Facebook Live streams, or YouTube, or posting endlessly in groups, or writing teeny, tiny blog posts or anything else the Online Glitteratti spouting off online these days would have you believe) and you want to LEARN how to write better copy on your own without the 10,000 hour investment (or costing you at least 10 grand in copywriting fees)…

Then I’m yer Huckleberry.

The resources you’ll find on this website, both free and paid, will help you improve your writing so you can finally get results from all the strategies and tactics you’ve already implemented (or are seriously wanting to implement) but are currently just costing you money.

There are two ways I support smart online biz owners and freedom-seeking digital marketers like you:

One-on-one consultations and “ed-you-me-cation” where I give you the tools, guidance and support you need to start writing cash-generating words on your own.


The Copywriting Chops You Need…and The Straight-Shootin’, Sometimes Often Potty-Mouthed Writer That Comes With ‘Em

Today’s internet bidnizz model still holds the siren song of unlimited riches and freedom beyond your wildest dreams. But the sad reality is that MOST online entrepreneurs will be eating tinned cat food and sending their kids to school hungry because of the crap they’re sold that only makes those selling it rich.

I don’t want that to happen to you. Which is why I NEVER let my clients fall prey to trendy, fluffy sayings du jour, lingo and silly jargon that renders them invisible online…

…Despite what misguided, incorrect information they’ve been given or what all the cool kids are doing.

(Remember when you mom asked, “If Sally jumps off a bridge, does that mean you’ll do it too?” Same goes for online marketing)

When you work with me, you’ll discover new ways of digging deep into your client’s desires and fears, and learn how to leverage them for a win-win: Your customer wins because they’ve found what they were searching for in you. YOU win by finally making your business dream a reality.

Let’s make you the profitable online marketer you were destined to be.


Click here to get started right now…

Lisa-May Huby is a top marketing consultant, strategic online copywriter and eCommerce startup junkie. 

For over 2 decades, she’s helped thousands of F500 companies, small businesses and freedom-seeking digital entrepreneurs skyrocket their profits by acquiring the best customers and clients through effective marketing and persuasive words.

Lisa-May believes that copywriting is a fundamental skill every entrepreneur should learn, because when you’re selling yourself, absolutely everything you write is copywriting. And as such, she’s dedicated to providing resources that help online business owners be successful.

When not running her businesses and looking for the next great eComm startup or slinging cash-generating words for online superstars, she can be found throwing heavy stuff around at her favorite CrossFit gym.

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