Attention Freedom-Seeking Entrepreneurs Who Are Sick And Tired Of Settling for Crappy Results And Low Sales From Boring, Bland, Lifeless Copy…


If you’re sick and tired of…

Bootstrapping and DIYing, staring at the same sales page over and over (and over) and feel like your brain’s vapour-locked and fingers are keyboard-tied – again…

Crappy conversions because your landing page isn’t the lead-generating, client-attracting magnet you want and is repelling more people than attracting them…

A sales funnel that’s costing you more money than it’s hauling in…

Then you NEED Copy 911.

Copy 911 is there for you when the chips are down, stakes are high, and you’re ready to unf*ck your copy so you can start getting serious results.

These rapidfire services will reveal the holes in your copy that are tanking your conversions. And, I’ll tell ya EXACTLY how to fix it, so you can stop tweaking and tinkering, and start getting results.

No B.S., no fluff.

Just clear, actionable steps that make sense and are easy to implement. (Isn’t that refreshing?)

This is your invitation to say buh-bye to vague, half-assed tutorials, random tactics and templates that only do half the job (and make you sound like a robot)…

and tap into the expertise of a real-world copywriter and conversion strategist, so you can start generating massive results.


Choose from these 3 options:


Together we’ll dive into ONE page of website copy for 30 minutes on Zoom, where I’ll share my expert feedback and walk you through suggestions for the biggest changes you can make to your copy right now to boost results.

You’ll get the exact steps you need to take to improve the current copy on your page, plus proven and tested methods to connect with your audience so you can write better copy, every time.

Stop wasting your time trying to “wing it”. I’ll show you how to write copy that turns browsers into buyers with simple, frustration-free changes, plus help you write better copy…for life.

(Note: Availability for this service is extremely limited. One Copy Review per customer. Due to the short length, this service is not suitable for long-form sales pages.)

And at just $350? This is probably the best tiny investment you can make in your biz.

Copy CPR, $500

This service is a 75-minute private session with me to revive your lifeless, lackluster copy so you can start getting better results, pronto!

Perfect for: Underperforming sales pages, work with me/services pages, about pages, or a short email funnel

You and I will meet on Skype for 75 minutes, roll up our sleeves and go to work bringing your sales page back to life. Think of it like your most crucial, hard-working copy’s Code Black center stage.

We’ll dive in and scrutinize every element of your sales page from your headline, hook and lead down to your final call-to-action so you can convert more browsers and fence-sitters into buyers. 

When we wrap, you’ll have 3 different headline options, call-to-action suggestions, plus additional strategic recommendations to improve conversions…and a crapload of notes and new knowledge.

Mission critical here is to get you the help you need in as little time as possible so you can start getting results, and take your sales page from flatlined to phenomenal.

Funnel Rehab $1,100

Something no one’s bothered to say (until now) is that a sales funnel’s only as good as your copy. And if your copy doesn’t perform, then neither will your funnel. Funnel Rehab breathes new life into sad, lifeless funnel copy so you can start getting the results your hard work deserves. 

Funnel Rehab includes:

–> A private, 2-hour intensive one-on-one review session with me where I walk you through the hidden opportunities in your funnel copy from start to finish so you can see where your copy’s falling short. You’ll get my expert advice and the exact steps you need to take to improve your copy’s results, and the chance to ask any questions as we go (a $600 value!)

–> Expert review and detailed deep-dive critique of:

One (1) sales page ($500 value!)

One (1) landing page ($200 value!)

One (1) thank you page ($100 value!)

Five (5) funnel emails ($500 value!)

–> Funnel Rehab Checklist to make sure your funnel has everything you need (and nothing you don’t!), plus a copy of my detailed notes and pre-session work you can refer back to anytime (a $500 value!)

Total package value = $2,600 (Holy shmoly, you save $1,500 smackers!)

"75 Mintues was all it took!"

In just one 75-minute session with Lisa-May, she helped me get my head out of the sand to see the bigger picture and understand where things were going wrong. She provided strategic advice for how my overall sales funnel could flow better, and ways to improve my email copy for better results.

At the end of our session, I had a blow-by-blow list of things to change, exactly HOW to change them and where, as well as some new insights into what makes copy convert.

I’d highly recommend Lisa-May to any online marketer who’s stuck and needs help from a knowledgeable and proven conversion copywriter.

Olly Richards

Founder & CEO, I Will Teach You a Language


All Copy 911 Sessions Include

  • Up to one hour of pre-session research, review and preparation by yours truly (a $500 value!)
  • A copy of my detailed notes, next steps and, where applicable, alternate headline and call-to-action suggestions

It’s like getting my eyes on your copy…fo’ FREE

All Copy 911 session fees can be directly credited against any Copy Makeover service I offer*. Which means that, if you decide you’d rather hire an experienced wordslinger to tackle the changes and overhauls to the copy we’ve reviewed so you can focus on other things, I’ll apply your Copy 911 session fee against the price of your Copy Makeover. So really? It’s like getting your Copy 911 session fo’ FREE! *Note: Copy 911 and Copy Makeover services must be matched accordingly (eg. Copy CPR on a sales page will be applied to Sales Page Makeover)

Here’s how it works…

#1 When you’ve made your decision, simply select the option you want to make your payment and lock in your spot

#2 Once your payment’s confirmed, you’ll be sent a link to book the perfect day and time for your private session with me, along with the questionnaire to fill out that’ll give me more information about your current copy curfuffle

#3 Return the form to me within 2 business days so I can get to work before we meet (I like to get everything outlined beforehand so I’m ready to walk you through the feedback/changes)

#4 Then we meet! Be sure to bring any questions you have to the session, along with a pen and notebook

Prices are in USD. All Copy 911 sessions must be paid in full at time of booking and are subject to availability on a first come, first served basis.

Got a question? I’m here to help – contact me!


This isn’t another session with a “wannabe” copywriter or entry-level conversion expert. It’s not about filling your head with unrealistic promises or half-baked ideas rooted in complex concepts and vague theories that you’ll never be able to produce yourself. 


I created the Copy 911 sessions after more than a decade of witnessing the heartbreaking results, frustration and confusion so many entrepreneurs face trying to write their own copy after falling victim to endless “gurus” and shitty, misguided – and often conflicting – online advice.

These sessions are designed to get you maximum results in the least amount of time, with practical, actionable advice from a proven and experienced copywriter, for simple changes you can make to your copy and page elements so you start getting better results. Period.

You’ll get tons of a-ha’s and actionable advice like…

  • How to ensure you’re talking the same language of the perfect customer so they actually care about what you’re offering (this simple tactic guarantees a leg up on your competition!)
  • Why templates are NOT the quick n’ easy answer to use for copy that converts…and what to do instead
  • Simple psychology “hacks” you can use to get more people to say YES right away
  • How to construct a compelling offer your readers can’t refuse

So you see this is more than “just” a phone call…

You’re getting step-by-step how-to as well as SMART STRATEGY and the WHY behind what makes great copy convert (stuff I’m sure you’ve never heard before that will change the way you approach writing copy forever).

What you’ll learn from just one Copy 911 session will provide unlimited ROI once you start putting it to work for you.

To make it easy for you to say YES, I made this super accessible to everyone. No sky-high pricing, no bloated payment plans. And no fancy, long-winded copy;)

Choose from the 3 Copy 911 options above to get started and kickstart your results, now!

“Copy is so important and I know I waste so much time trying to come up with right words in everything – headlines, ads, emails, sales pages, etc. What you just did in a few minutes means a lot to me in value.”

~  Rob Galvin,


“I have met with several copywriters and spent thousands and still felt that you were the most helpful. Thank you!”

~ Kelly James, Creator of Sales Success for Introverts™ SYSTEM

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