67% of people who were about to buy from you, won’t


Which can only mean two things:

  1. You’re letting a shit ton of money sashay its way past you right out the door, and…
  2. Your copy’s NOT doing its job of pushing your reader’s hot buttons, making them go crazy for what you’re selling like a 3-year old at Christmas hopped up on Gummi bears and candy canes

Are you ready to stop settling for second-rate copy that’s letting dolla bills with your name on them skate on by, doing the double-camel-triple-backflip into someone else’s pocket (showoffs)

Or are you ready for MORE?


As in, MORE…

6-figure launches (um, yes please!)

Emails opened and clicked…not ignored

Knockout attendance at your webinars (and record-smashing sales numbers)

Clicks, likes and HELL YES’s (instead of “uhhh…maybe?”)

Obsessed subscribers who can’t wait to share your amazing-ness with everyone they know

Money rolling into your Paypal account while squeezing every drop out of life doing more of what you looooove

Raving fans dying to buy from you


If the answer’s “AW HELL YASSSSS!”, then it’s over to you.


You’ve got 2 mouthwatering, money-making choices.

Which one will you pick?

(Hooboy…this could be tough!)

1-on-1 consulting and help when you need it, stat!

Do-it-with-me services that are the perfect pairing of DIY and expert consulting, editing and polishing (only you and I will know you weren’t born with it…)

Don’t see what you need? No prob! 

Contact me with your project deets and deadline, and I’ll get back atcha within 48 business hours or less.

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