The Do’s & Don’ts of Pain Points In Your Copy

I work with a variety of digital marketers – both men and women – but the biggest question I’m most often asked (right after how to write about benefits) is…

“Do I HAVE to write about my reader’s pain points?”

Invariably, this question is ALWAYS asked by women. I don’t know if it’s because men understand why we need to address the reader’s pain, or if it’s because women are looking for a warm and fuzzy way of selling that doesn’t feel, “EWWW!”, but it’s always a woman that asks.

So…here’s your answer:


You ABSOLUTELY have to write about your reader’s pain points.

But before you wig out and click away, here’s why you need to know and use your reader’s pain points in your copy:

You’ll never sell anything if you don’t.

Your reader’s not going to buy something that doesn’t fix or solve a problem – some pain or struggle they have.


Because people don’t buy what they need – they buy what they desire.

And people always desire a better version of themselves.

When you use your reader’s pain points in your copy, you’re reminding them they’ve got this nagging problem that needs fixing – the thing (or things) that’s standing in the way of them becoming the better, 2.0 version of themselves.

What’s great about diving into your reader’s pain points, is that then you can tap directly into what they truly want and desire.

So, if your reader…

…Hates the pudgy guy or gal in the mirror, they’ll love the lean and fit one that can keep up with their kids

…Is a scattered, unfocused and failing entrepreneur, they’re likely dying to know the processes and systems that’ll help them be more productive so they can become successful

…Gets people to their landing page but no or few opt-ins, they’ll grow their list faster when they know how to write a landing page that converts

But just cranking out a laundry list of pain points won’t do the trick – you need to know how to use them effectively.


2 Giant Do’s & Don’ts of Using Pain Points

These 2 Do’s and Don’ts are the most common mistakes I see digital marketers make when writing their own copy, which not only makes it difficult for your reader to engage with, but makes it WAY harder for you to write. 

So, here ya go…

DO: Be specific. Use exactly what your reader (aka, dream clients) struggle with and identify as their pain.

DON’T: Try to hit ‘em all. Often, when sales pages come to me for Copy Makeovers, the client has included a gazillion pain points so they don’t leave anything or anyone out. Problem is, when you do this, it waters down your copy and loses impact.

Select ONLY the biggest pain points of your reader – that ideal person you want to work with. Their largest pain is what’s keeping them stuck.

DO: Use the reader’s language and EXACT words. Pay attention in Facebook groups, blog comments and anywhere your dream client hangs out. Make a note of the exact words and language they’re using to describe themselves and their challenges right now. Then, use that insider info in your copy.

DON’T: Include too many ideas in one sentence (this overwhelms the reader). Present one idea per sentence to keep your copy simple to understand and engaging to read.

When you address your reader’s pain in your copy head-on instead of trying to pussyfoot around it or make it less painful, your copy will have a much greater impact and get better results.




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