200+ Copywriting Formulas: The Definitive Guide to Writing Copy That Sells…Faster

Ever stared at a blank page and wondered how the hell to get started, fingers trembling (and maybe the slightest trickle of sweat down your back)? Ugh…the worst, right?!

Face it:

It’d be pretty sweet to be able to drop a few words into the hopper, hit enter and have your entire sales page, web page or blog post generated for you (amIright?).

No staring, sweating or swearing…or worrying that you’d done it all wrong.

One can dream…

The good news is, there are still ways to make the writing you do easier and faster (and better).

And that’s with copywriting formulas.

(I’ve written about formulas before here and here.)

Whether it’s copy for your website, a new blog post or a sales page for your products or services, copywriters have long known about and used formulas to help them crank out compelling words in lightning-fast time.

Here’s why formulas work so well:

They’re incredibly effective at keeping you on-task (so you don’t start yammering about things that don’t matter to the reader). Formulas also help you structure your copy so it flows in a way that makes sense. As an added bonus, they remove the dreaded Blank Page Syndrome, when your brain does that thing and draws a complete blank.

Copywriting formulas are incredibly effective at keeping you on-task and actually help you structure your copy so it flows in a way that makes sense.

Because no matter what it is, your writing needs to take the reader on a journey from problem to solution, and ultimately, action.

I’ve pulled together a colossal list of copywriting formulas (including some scripts) from 9 different sources. Refer to these for anything you need to write. Seriously…anything.

Got a blog post to crank out? You’re covered.

A sales page to write? Ditto…with bunches to spare.

Need to amp up your landing page’s or email copy? Yup, got your back here too.

Want your online crush to RT? Bam.

Rather than simply regurgitate them all here, the copywriting formulas listed here are all direct links to the original author’s posts or videos that I think you’ll enjoy.

Content Formulas

I don’t know about you, but writing content isn’t really my bag. Don’t get me wrong – I love sharing my expertise…I just don’t like actually writing it down (#copywriterconfession).

One of the biggest traps I fall into (yes, even experienced copywriters have trouble now and then) is how to open a blog post in a way that will draw people in enough to get value from what I’m sharing.

Enter Brian Dean from Backlinko and the “APP Formula”: Agree, Promise, Preview.

Here’s a peek of what it looks like:

Courtesy of Backlinko

Brian Dean’s formula helps you construct a clear, concise introduction that tells the reader upfront what they can expect to get out of the article you’ve spent so much time, sweat and (sometimes) tears writing.

Brian’s formula helps you construct a clear, concise introduction that tells the reader upfront what they can expect to get out of the article you’ve spent so much time, sweat and (sometimes) tears writing.

In fact, I used it to write this article;)

Using the APP formula for your blog posts will save you from boring intros and brain farts (a.k.a. Writer’s block).

Email Copywriting Formulas

While I’ve shared my own email marketing formulas, these can be further expanded on.

Recently, fellow copywriter and veteran email marketer Daniel Levis revealed 5 knockout “manipulative” copywriting formulas he uses that “sell like hell” – get your hands on ’em below.

When it comes to writing emails, one of my favorite formulas to use is PAS. It’s short, sweet, and super easy to use.

1. Present the Problem…

2. Agitate the situation…

3. Swoop in with your Solution.

And voila! You’ve got yourself a sales email.


Social Media Copywriting Formulas

Social media is often overlooked when it comes to copywriting. But the value of knowing how to construct a compelling post isn’t lost on Buffer or DreamGrow – both of which have compiled a list of copywriting formulas that work beautifully for social media.

In social media, copywriting’s often overlooked. You still need to be able to tell a compelling story.

Check out Buffer’s list of 27 formulas, plus DreamGrow’s short n’ sweet list of 7 more social media copywriting formulas.

Sales Page Copywriting Formulas

Dun-dun-dunnnn…now we’re onto the Big Daddy of copywriting: the sales page.

Sales pages can be intimidating for some, and a pressure cooker for others that sends the stress gauge skyrocketing through the red.

Sales pages can be a tricky mix of persuasion and structure – get one of these wrong, and your results could easily tank.

But there’s no doubt that most people see the sales page as THE biggest copywriting job of all…

…Because this is where you’ll make your money if you do it right.

Sales pages can be a tricky mix of persuasion and structure – get one of these wrong, and your results could easily tank. (No pressure here…)

I created this copywriting formula specifically to help non-copywriters create a sales page from start to finish.

It’s what I call the ACTION BAR copywriting formula.

Here’s how it works:

Attention/Awareness – This is your headline, hook and lead that wakes people up and makes them pay attention. Speak to their struggle or desire.

Curiosity/Interest – Your sales page needs to make people curious and hold their interest long enough to find out what you’re selling.

Tease the solution by painting a picture of what life will be like after they’ve used your product or service.

Introduce yourself – who are you anyway?

Offer – Present your offer

Nutshell features – A bulleted list of everything your solution does/will help people do

Benefits-oriented copy tied to features (remember: features tell, benefits sell)

Ask for the sale with a clear call-to-action

Remind them of the Results they’ll get

Of course, there are a TON of other formulas you can use, including the “Gold Standard”, AIDA (attention, interest, desire, action).

But to save you a bunch of legwork, Copy Ranger has a list of 21 incredibly useful copywriting formulas they use to crank out sales pages and copy that sells. Give one a try.


Landing Page Copywriting Formulas

Next to how to write sales page copy, landing pages, or squeeze pages, are what I personally get the most questions about. 

Here’s the thing:

Most online biz owners underestimate the power of having great copy on what’s arguably the most important page of all…the one that builds your email list.

Of course, most of the time squeeze pages have little copy to work with. Which makes them even more challenging.

Good thing the peeps at Unbounce have 3 simple formulas to help.

Copywriting Formulas for All Occasions

CopyHackers’ Ultimate Guide to No-Pain Copywriting

As always, Joanna Wiebe at CopyHackers can be relied on to provide massive, head-spinning value. And this big-ass list of copywriting formulas – that covers everything from blogging to sales pages to much-needed help with social media – definitely over-delivers (I didn’t actually count all these…there’s a TON. There are even scripts here so you can just plug n’ play!)

114+ Copywriting Formulas to Get Traffic & Leads (Writtent)

Not to be outdone, the peeps at Writtent also stepped up with over 114 copywriting formulas for pretty much all copywriting occasions. From blog post titles to email subject lines and sales pages, you’ll find an incredibly useful variety of formulas here, all nicely organized for easy reference.

And there you have it – 9 amazing sources (myself included) supplying over 200 copywriting formulas.

You’ll never need to stare at a blank page with trepidation again.

Now, it’s over to you:

Which copywriting formula are you going to start with? Share it below.