If you’ve ever wondered:

How can I get more customers?

How can I sell my products and services…and get people to buy them?

How can I be seen as an expert and THE go-to person that people gravitate to?

How can I get my content in front of the right people, at exactly the right time?

…Then you’re in the right place.

You’re smart. So why isn’t anything f*cking wooooorking?! 😱

I can’t tell you how many times I asked myself that over the years.

See, I’ve been in your shoes, tiny business owner with an ohhhh-so-huge to-do list.

I started in marketing more than 2 decades ago, and even ran my own copywriting business for a couple of years back in ‘07 before “The Big Crash” had me doing the walk of shame back to a corporate marketing gig.

Then a few years ago, circumstances changed (again) and I was presented with a second chance to make working for myself actually work.

I followed the battle-cry of “invest in yourself”, hiring expensive business coaches and success gurus…

Did ALL. THE. THINGS these self-proclaimed experts and specialists told me to do, including…

➡️ Constantly doing live videos

➡️ Posting in social media groups for hours a day offering my expertise…for FREE

➡️ Writing blog post after blog post after blog post – content creation for the sake of it

➡️ Guest posting on “authority-building” websites that accept content from any half-assed hack with a keyboard…

…only to wind up drained, destitute and dismal.

(Need I also mention bitter, jaded and cynical?)

Everywhere I looked, another guru popped into my social newsfeed or appeared in my inbox with a shiny new method for generating the elusive results and revenue I was craving (and desperately needing).

Yet no matter what trendy new method or process or strategy I followed, the magical breakthrough I could taste kept moving just beyond my grasp.

I decided enough was enough.

I embraced the unsexy side of marketing, and started working smarter and more strategically.

I tapped into my time-tested marketing and copywriting expertise, paired it with proven traffic-building strategies, and finally figured out how to get in front of the right people at the right time…

…With the right offer, natch;)


How’d I DO it?

I started an eCommerce store and learned Facebook advertising, leveraging the power of their data…

I became a student of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and implemented the best current SEO methods to build traffic and leads…

I used my copywriting expertise to write optimized web pages, blog posts and product descriptions for my businesses…

Today, I’m proud to say I help other smart-but-struggling business owners finally get the results they’ve been chasing by using proven methods for traffic generation and converting visitors into buyers.


I believe online business owners who want to win on the internet need to stand out by becoming masterful strategists and salespeople.

Question is, how do you find the time to build and implement a strategic game-plan when you’re busy raising a family and hustling your butt off to just pay the bills?

That’s easy.

The resources you’ll find on this website are simple, smart online marketing strategies for small business so you can finally get results from what you’ve already implemented (or are seriously wanting to), but that are currently just costing you time, money and sanity.

Instead of getting sucked into the shiny, sexy, time-wasting methods and tactics from so-called “experts” and “gurus”, subscribe to my newsletter. It’s free. And it’ll save you loads of time from digging through hundreds of books, dry research papers and fluffy trends.

There are two ways I support smart online biz owners and freedom-seeking digital marketers like you

Private, one-on-one “accelerator sessions”, and Digital Products to help you DIY your bootstrapping success.

With either option you get the tools, plus guidance and support you need to get REAL results from effective online marketing.

If you’re a digital marketer who’s…

…Sick and tired of working your butt off for crappy results…

…Feeling completely overworked, entirely overwhelmed, and altogether outraged by giant, fluffy promises of internet wealth, but zero CONCRETE advice of how to get there…

…Starting to feel the sweaty tingle of desperation, fear and doubt ignited by snarky remarks from your significant other (who just knew you couldn’t do this…) and finally d-o-n-e with the shameful sting of maxed-out credit cards, a mountain of debt, and an empty bank account…

I can help.

Let’s make you the profitable online marketer you were destined to be.

image of Lisa-May Huby Marketing Strategies for Small BusinessLisa-May Huby is a top marketing consultant, strategic online copywriter and eCommerce startup junkie who specializes in online marketing strategies for small business.

For over 2 decades, she’s helped thousands of F500 companies, small businesses and freedom-seeking digital entrepreneurs skyrocket their profits by acquiring the best customers and clients through effective marketing, traffic generation and the psychology of persuasion.

When not helping clients get more customers and scouting for the next great eComm startup, she can be found throwing heavy stuff around at her favorite CrossFit gym.

“With easy-to-follow expert guidance, Lisa-May transforms a potentially overwhelming issue into something anyone can tackle.” ~ Lacey Craig, ALitUpLife.com

“Copy is so important and I know I waste so much time trying to come up with right words in everything – headlines, ads, emails, sales pages, etc. What you just did in a few minutes means a lot to me in value.” ~  Rob Galvin, degreefreecareers.com