Not being able to clearly articulate why people should give a damn about you and your business is like entering a cage match with both arms tied behind your back…

The results are an epic, devastating ass-whooping.

Good thing I’ve got your back.

If we haven’t met, I’m Lisa-May Huby (pronounced “Hew-bee”), the “Copy Fixer Upper”.

I’m a copywriter and marketing strategist for online coaches, consultants and service providers, and creator of the Seductive Marketing Method™.

For over 20 years I endured a 3-hour daily commute and crazy traffic to and from mind-numbing corporate marketing gigs…until I discovered the freedom and fulfillment of being my own boss.

I dove into entrepreneurship head-first, loving the fact that getting “stuck” in traffic now simply meant I couldn’t squeeze past the dog hogging the stairs.

I worked with amazing clients, writing high-converting copy for large and small businesses that brought in hundreds of thousands of dollars – often with a single launch.

Only problem was, I hated everything.

Here’s the thing…

Even though I was technically “free” from a boss and grinding daily commute, I was tied to my copywriting business and the non-stop hustle of generating leads and busy-work that tied me down.

I’d created a business that wasn’t sustainable, and was a prisoner doing hard time shackled to client work I no longer loved.

So…I walked away from my business.

I opened an eCommerce store…

I became an Amazon Seller…

…Only to return full-circle to the exhausting slog of trying to rekindle a sinking online business.

I decided that this time, things would be different.

No more grind n’ hustle.

No more over-complicated B.S. holding my to-do list hostage.

I told myself, if it’s not simple, I’m not doing it.

Problem was, in just a couple of short years, the number of online businesses that opened up shop had DOUBLED, making it tougher than ever to stand out online.

That’s when the Seductive Marketing Method™ was born.

I knew I still loved helping people understand the why, what, and how of writing copy that converts and the crucial part it plays in running a business on a platform that’s built on words…

…And showing them that ANYONE can write copy that connects even if they’ve never written a word in their life just by understanding a few fundamentals…

But I also knew I couldn’t return to writing copy for clients.

So I got to work.

I discovered a repeatable method of copywriting to create a seductive marketing message that I could infuse into all my marketing, and put it to the test.

From emails and sales funnels, to sales pages and blog posts, no matter what I’m writing, I know I can trust my unique Seductive Marketing Method to help me get the job done quickly and efficiently…

…While impacting others and bringing revenue into my business.

Now I help other kitchen table entrepreneurs and side hustlers finally make their dreams come true using Seductive Marketing to transform fence-sitters into buyers…

…And understanding WHY they buy (the most important part)…

…With an easy-to-implement system that transforms their business from a creative spark, vision or hobby into a profitable client magnet and sales machine.

So they can finally make the impact they crave and have a business – and life – they love.

To get the inside scoop on how I plan seductive, compelling sales pages that aren’t pushy or sleazy… and how YOU can do the same…

…Click the button below and grab the Seductive 6-Figure Sales Page Planner, absolutely free.

I’ll see you inside!

I’m on a mission to help online business owners build something great.

Are you next?

image of Lisa-May Huby Marketing Strategies for Small BusinessLisa-May Huby is a top marketing consultant, strategic online copywriter and eCommerce startup junkie who specializes in online marketing strategies for small business.

For over 2 decades, she’s helped thousands of F500 companies, small businesses and freedom-seeking digital entrepreneurs skyrocket their profits by acquiring the best customers and clients through effective marketing, traffic generation and the psychology of persuasion.

When not helping clients get more customers and scouting for the next great eComm startup, she can be found throwing heavy stuff around at her favorite CrossFit gym.

“With easy-to-follow expert guidance, Lisa-May transforms a potentially overwhelming issue into something anyone can tackle.” ~ Lacey Craig,

“Copy is so important and I know I waste so much time trying to come up with right words in everything – headlines, ads, emails, sales pages, etc. What you just did in a few minutes means a lot to me in value.” ~  Rob Galvin,