When people ask me, “What do you do?”, I say something like…

“I help digital entrepreneurs package, market and sell their products and services”.


But what I REALLY want to say is…

“I write words that make people giddy to hand over their credit card and scream, Take ALL mah monaaaay!”


“I help online entrepreneurs who have ZERO CLUE about writing copy that converts, create powerful and strategic digital assets so they can sell more of their products and services, easier…without agonizing stress, frustration and day-drinking.”

I’m Lisa-May, Mother of Dragons Sales Pages, Breaker of Crappy Conversions, Ruler of Words, Guardian of The Go-Getting #ladyboss…and lover of ALL. THE. GIFS.

Digital CEOs come to me when they’re SO over the whole “time for money” thang, looking to pivot into a 1-to-many model, and are totally ready for a sales page or launch funnel that transforms browsers into buyers…and feels like a guilty, chocolate-dipped, red velvet pleasure.

I show them how to market and sell their products and services, to bring more happy customers, lifelong fans and money into their lives, so they can build the successful, sustainable business they’ve been craving (but so far hasn’t happened).

I have a 20+ year background in marketing and conversion copywriting, and have worked with companies ranging from huge brands to tiny startups.

Some might say I’ve got an unhealthy obsession with grabbing your audience’s attention with words…which has helped my clients achieve superhuman feats of multiple six-figure launches and ongoing, blockbuster funnel revenue.

I’ve been self-employed, successfully helping others sell their shtuff, for over a decade. I’m not one of those new kid pop-ups, throwing up a shingle and proclaiming myself a copywriter and launch advisor. Nope…I’ve been around the block and in the trenches, and I know what’s actually working in conversion copywriting NOW.

When I’m not strategizing a new launch funnel, auditing sales pages and guiding course launchers, I’m throwing heavy things around at my local CrossFit gym (sometimes that includes me!) or snuggling with my furbaby Maya, a Boston Terror Terrier.

And…that’s a bite-sized version of my professional life;)

Dying for more juicy deets?

Here are 9 more facts about me…

* I live in Canada, north of Toronto but south of “cottage country”, in the snowbelt

* I hate snow (I know, riiiight?)

* I do NOT drink beer, drive a snowmobile to work (or a dogsled)…or live in an igloo

I know what a toque is…and who Bob & Doug MacKenzie are;)

Right after college, I worked for a software company and hauled ass around North America installing computer systems + training people on them in weird locations, like “Bald Knob” Arkansas. (Ohhhh, the glamour!)

I’m obsessed with self-mastery, from building new habits to mindset to fitness and nutrition

I didn’t actually “get” sales pages until after I’d been writing copy for 6 years

I’m a ginormous hermit introvert and started the #UnstoppableBiz Show as a way to hold myself accountable to actually, y’know, go LIVE every week (turns out, I love doing it! Who knew?)

As a 50-something woman, I’m living proof that it’s never too late to make your dreams real and go after your goals – whether it’s competing in the CrossFit games, teaching people how to paint with watercolors, getting 6-pack abs, or rocking a successful online business

Work smarter, not harder. Play more. Stress less. Don’t worry about what other people are thinking or doing. Build habits that move you forward – even just a smidge – every single day.


“There’s nothing more fulfilling than becoming the linchpin that helps other people succeed.”