When people ask me, “What do you do?”, I say something like…

“I help digital course creators package up, market and sell their blood, sweat and tears”.

But what I REALLY want to say is…

“I write words that make people giddy to hand over their credit card and scream, Take ALL mah monaaaay!” while frantically clicking the BUY button like a 6-year-old hopped up on Sour Patch Kids…

What I really, REALLY (reaallllly) intend to say, is…

I give brave online course creators the courage and confidence to stare down a blank Google doc and write the kind of copy that makes money and avoids the tragic “last mile” of a failed launch.

Tell me if this sounds familiar:

You invest months and months into validating and testing and creating, then suddenly realize that if you don’t light the afterburners, you’ll miss your launch date.

So you dust off your best swipe files and start hammering out unremarkable copy for the sales page, hand-outs, webinar slides, ads, and email sequences until your eyeballs bleed, all while chanting “better done than perfect” quietly under your breath…

…only to slam the virtual doors closed with a heartbreakingly small handful of sign-ups, revenue that doesn’t even cover your monthly Starbucks habit, and ugly-crying into your green juice while wondering what went wrong, and where.

But let’s face it…

You were crunched for time and had zero wiggle room for tinkering and messing around with your copy. And really, what difference could the words you use possibly make…?

Here’s the hard truth:

Only the balance in your Stripe account will tell you if your launch copy is any good.

Digital CEOs and course creators come to me when they’re SO over the whole “failed launch” thang, and are totally ready for copy that’s engineered to transform browsers into buyers…and feels like a guilty, totally-cliched version of “make money while you sleep”.

I show them how to write launch copy that brings more happy customers, lifelong fans and money into their lives, so they can build the successful, sustainable business they’ve been craving (but so far hasn’t happened).

I’m Lisa-May, Mother of Dragons Sales Pages, Breaker of Crappy Conversions, Ruler of Words, Straight-Shootin’ Guardian of The Go-Getting #ladyboss…and lover of ALL. THE. GIFS.

I have a 20+ year background in marketing and conversion copywriting, and have worked with companies ranging from huge brands to tiny startups.

Some might say I’ve got an unhealthy obsession with grabbing your audience’s attention with words…which has helped my clients achieve superhuman feats of multiple six-figure launches and ongoing, blockbuster funnel revenue.

I’ve been self-employed, successfully helping others sell their shtuff, for over a decade. I’m not one of those new kid pop-ups, throwing up a shingle and proclaiming myself a copywriter and launch advisor. Nope…I’ve been around the block and in the trenches, and I know what’s actually working in conversion copywriting NOW.

When I’m not strategizing a new launch funnel, auditing sales pages and guiding course launchers, I’m throwing heavy things around at my local CrossFit gym (sometimes that includes me!) or snuggling with my furbaby Maya, a Boston Terror Terrier.

And…that’s a bite-sized version of my professional life;)


Copywriting is the most profitable skill and online business owner will ever learn.