I know what you’re thinking…”But are you REALLY as good as you claim?” Fair question, and I get it.

Copywriters, experts and “gooroos” who talk a great game are a dime a dozen online. But when it’s actually time to back it up? Notsomuch.

So don’t take my word for it. Here’s a taste of what my clients have to say about working with me (I’m seriously blushing over heeyah…)

"Blown away with the first draft!"

Hiring a copywriter is tough. Even tougher is trusting that someone who barely even knows you can write in a way that sounds like you.

When I hired Lisa-May to write my Profit First Bootcamp sales page, I’ll admit that I had a few butterflies – not that she didn’t know her stuff (I could tell she did), but that she’d be able to capture my voice in the copy.

I was BLOWN AWAY with the first draft.

Lisa-May nailed it. From my client’s pain and struggles to my quirky personality, the copy was just what I wanted…but couldn’t write myself.

She even provided presentation recommendations to maximize conversions and ROI!

Her work truly created a digital asset for me that I’ll be able to leverage in multiple situations for years to come.

If you’re looking for help creating a sales page for your course, program or offer, then you need Lisa-May on your team!

Holly DeVito

Creator of Profit First Bootcamp & Founder, Sum of All Numbers

"A $623,000 Launch!"

Lisa-May’s not only an experienced sales page copywriter, but one of her superpowers is nailing the client’s voice perfectly.

The outcome? A killer sales page that helped us nail a $623k launch, and the end to our search for a reliable and knowledgeable copywriter!

Scott Oldford

Founder & CEO, Infinitus & Creator of LeadCraft


Thank you for reworking my emails so beautifully! You’ve encapsulated EVERYTHING I wanted to say with such authenticity, I couldn’t tell the difference between my voice or yours.
I think you may just have sold your soul to the devil because now I need you on standby. There’s something about writing for me that misses the mark just a little and you were able to hack my brain and pull those words out exactly how I would have {but couldn’t}.
Monica Boeru

Certified Life Coach, Positive Discipline Parent Educator, monicaboeru.com

"75 Mintues was all it took!"

In just one 75-minute session with Lisa-May, she helped me get my head out of the sand to see the bigger picture and understand where things were going wrong. She provided strategic advice for how my overall sales funnel could flow better, and ways to improve my email copy for better results.

At the end of our session, I had a blow-by-blow list of things to change, exactly HOW to change them and where, as well as some new insights into what makes copy convert.

I’d highly recommend Lisa-May to any online marketer who’s stuck and needs help from a knowledgeable and proven conversion copywriter.

Olly Richards

Founder & CEO, I Will Teach You a Language


Before working with Lisa-May, I knew I could write but didn’t know how or even why writing copy that speaks to others is so different than writing a book, article, or blog post.  Wow!  I was so wrong about that!

I can’t say enough good things about working with Lisa-May. She took what I had written, waved her magic wand over it, and created something magically compelling for my ideal clients.

Plus, she is generous with her time and made me feel so supported.

Dr. Amy Canatta

Business & Vibrant Living Coach, amycanatta.com

Pitch Perfect…in minutes!

My elevator pitch used to sound just like everyone else’s. It started with “I help so and so do so and so and blah blah blah…” 

In minutes, Lisa-May helped me craft an elevator pitch that tells listeners exactly who my target audience is, and exactly how I help them. The best part is, it doesn’t sound like every other elevator pitch, and even uses alliteration 😉 

I now have a fabulous and functional elevator pitch that I can use in speaking engagements, networking events, on my website, and even in my email signature.

Thanks Lisa-May! Alexis Dean


Distilled TONs of info into one neat package!

Before working with Lisa-May, I was stuck on how to articulate exactly what I do and the results my clients get after working with me. Because I do things differently and solve problems from so many different angles, it was challenging honing down on what I do and how people can benefit from me.

Lisa-May was super quick at distilling all the information I threw at her, whipping it into one, neat, coherent and digestible elevator pitch!  

I now have a pitch I can use confidently, whether on my website, when I post in FB groups, on my Linkedin Profile or talking to people about what I do – I can’t wait to see what happens! Elinor Cohen

Intuitive Business & Marketing Strategist, The Just Me Co.


Lisa-May is amazing. She can take your message and make it into something that not only is appealing to your target client but also helps you re-affirm with yourself what your message really is. I got so jazzed by her copy makeover that I pretty much wanted to hire myself! Thank you, Lisa-May!

Jennifer Rohner

Owner, JenniferRohner.com


The process of working with Lisa-May was a breeze. She sent me the "Shitty First Draft", and it was nearly perfect right out of the gate. I LOVED what I was reading! She definitely surpassed my expectations.
What the final product became? Gosh, I couldn't even get close on my own. I am so honored that I was able to work with her and she's my number one recommendation for copywriters. 
Thank you so much Lisa-May! You rock my socks off.
Alyssa Gavinski

Founder, Web Desginer, Chief Creative, Felicity+Design Inc.

"My secret weapon"

I don’t know what her secret is, but Lisa-May is the complete package, and the secret weapon I love to have in my back pocket!

Julie Cornish

Online Business Mentor, Mindset Expert & Bestselling Author, juliecornish.com

"...top of my list for go-to copywriters!"

You swooped in, saved the day...and my copy. Thank you Lisa-May - you’re at the absolute top of my list for go-to copywriters!

P.S. - It would be really cool if you could move in with me...You could live as my alter ego 😉 

Carolyn Colling

Transformational Mindset Coach & Founder, carolyncolling.com

"...effortlessly captured my essence..."

I’ll admit that I was hesitant about signing up to work with Lisa-May, and whether she’d do my launch sales page justice. It’s notoriously difficult to find a copywriter that “gets” you and your business, never mind one that’s actually any good.

I’m delighted to say my doubts and fears were unfounded. Lisa-May’s easygoing approach helped reduce any stress I was feeling about the launch. She effortlessly captured my essence in the launch copy, and Coach School: Sexy Money, Epic Life launched with style and grace.

Thank you, Lisa-May!

Sarah Liddle, Certified Coach

Founder & Director, sarahliddle.com & joincoachschool.com

"It's like you sucked out my thoughts and put them on paper..."

I was afraid someone wouldn't be able to take all the crazy ideas in my head, help me communicate them, and then make them sound amazing (and like me!).

Thank you - I could never have imagined in my wildest dreams that I would feel like someone was in my head, sucking out all of my thoughts and perfecting them to put on paper. 

Courtney Nestor

Health Coach & Go-To Gal for Whole Living Badassery for Busy Moms , courtneynestor.com

I am so happy that I got to work with Lisa May on the copy for my group program. I had a version of my copy done, but I didn't feel that the page was very conversational. And that was exactly what Lisa May did for me. She made it more conversational and even included imagery while talking to my ideal client. The best part about working with Lisa May was that I talked to her for what felt like a few minutes, and then she transformed my copy to exactly what I wanted. That transformation process made working with Lisa May so easy and a no brainer. So if you are considering hiring a copywriter for your business, definitely consider working with Lisa May and let her use her magic to turn your words into your new sales page that will attract your ideal client because you are speaking directly to him/her. Thank you again Lisa May! It was such a pleasure!
Clarissa Wilson

Founder, clarissawilson.com