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A “Quickie” Is The Fastest Way To Power-Up Your Sales Page, Turn More Browsers Into Buyers, Boost Your Sales (Even If You Don’t Know Where To Start)


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Here’s to the death of your icky, sleazy, slimy, money-grubbing, BORING, poor-performing sales page…

Dearly beloved,

We are gathered here today to bid a fond farewell to your sad, unconverting sales page.

The web page that, until today, has just been taking up valuable megabytes of hosting space…and acting as a placeholder in your funnel.

You know something’s not right, and that if you don’t fix it pronto, your sales sitch isn’t gonna change anytime soon.

But no matter how much tweaking and tinkering you do…

No matter how many “formulas” and “how-to’s” you follow or how many times you look at the damn thing…

You just can’t get the results you want.

The only thing you know for sure is…

If you don’t start getting results soon, you’re just wasting a boatload of time and money.

If you’re convinced that the digital products, programs or services you’re selling have killer potential but you’re just not seeing the life-altering revenue you’d like, I can help.

A Sales Page Quickie will get the eyeballs of an experienced conversion copywriter (me!) on your side to track down what’s not working in your sales page so you can change the game…

…Skyrocket your sales and profits…

And kiss your boring old sales page buh-bye.

In as little as TWO BUSINESS DAYS, the revenue your sales page generates from your sales funnel and digital offers could easily double, triple or even quadruple.

A Sales Page Quickie is the perfect solution for when you’re time-crunched and need answers, like, YESTERDAY.

A “Quickie” provides A’s to your Q’s, when you need ’em supa-fast.

It’s ideal for:

Evergreen offers that aren’t converting…

Or launches that have so far only cost you a crapton of time and money.

A Quickie will uncover what’s tanking your results, and show you how to fix it FAST so you can start getting better results, pronto.

A Quickie is a start-to-finish, soup-to-nuts audit and review of your sales page focused entirely on improving conversions…

…And getting you quick results.

✖️ No waiting

✖️ No messing around with calendar conflicts

✖️ No filling out mile-long forms

✖️ No giant investment of time or money

Just EXACTLY what needs to change NOW to start seeing the results you want


Best of all…

Your Quickie can often be booked and turned around in as little as 2 business days and delivering a profitable payoff right away!

How does it work? Watch this…




Holy crap! We made changes to Maggie’s page based on your recommendations and her opt-in rate is up to 81% and the cost per lead is down by almost 50%. YOU ROCK!!!!

Amy Crane

Facebook Ads Manager + Founder, Social Lab Marketing

The Copy Quickie was perfect! I was able to quickly and easily revise my sales page once I had your expert feedback and a detailed walkthrough of what to change and – most of all – why. Now I’ve got a sales page I love that makes it easier for people to buy!

Leesa Klich

Blogging Expert & Health Writer, LeesaKlich.com

Here’s what you’ll get…

Focused on the challenges and improvements that will get the greatest potential results, your Quickie Audit includes:

✔️ Recorded Video Review & Audit – Walk through your sales page with me and see it through the eyes of a veteran conversion copywriter, answering your deepest “Why does this even matter?” moments as I analyze your sales page section-by-section, providing details about what’s working, what’s not, and the strategy behind my proposed changes (after all, sales pages are strategically engineered…not just written)

✔️ Detailed Notes & Action Items – Be clear on exactly what steps you need to take next…plus copy/paste any suggestions I’ve noted, without having to constantly watch and re-watch the video

✔️ Copy Makeover For One Critical Area – I’ll completely rewrite the section of your copy that’s presenting the biggest obstacle to you getting better results. Then, simply copy, paste, presto!

✔️ Express turnaround in as little as 2 business days – Get your audit results back in record time to make the changes before your next launch! (*Subject to availability)

From catastrophe to converting, here’s how to get your game-changing Quickie:


Click the button to choose your Quickie, enter your payment info on the secure checkout form, confirm, and Bob’s your uncle! (No? Well, he’s someone’s uncle…)


As soon as you place your order, you’ll be rocketed over to my Quickie Client questionnaire. Provide as much detail as possible about your project and what challenges you’re facing.

Once I’ve got the information I need, I’ll shoot you an email of when you can expect to receive your results (it’s first come, first served…so there may be a wait time). Then…


In as little as TWO business days (schedule permitting), I’ll get to work uncovering what’s stopping your sales page from getting the kick-ass results you’re hard-craving…

…and throw down how you can fix it.

No more guessing, crossing your fingers, or hoping and praying. *fist pump*

A Quickie Copy Audit & Critique is right for you if…

👉 You’ve got a specific funnel deliverable that needs help FAST

👉  Your project has a clear purpose and is tied to a measurable goal

👉  You have research you can share, like a clear customer avatar, ad results, and conversions

👉  You’re coachable and ready to roll up your sleeves to execute on the recommended changes

The goal of a Quickie Audit & Critique is to provide actionable changes to your sales page through the eyes of an experienced, veteran conversion copywriter that will have the biggest potential impact on your results.

But it’s so much more than simply swapping out words and moving a few things around.

It’s about getting you results.

Best part is…

The more of a hot mess your sales page is right now, the more you’ll get out of a Quickie Audit and Critique.

Just think…

In potentially less than ONE WEEK from today, you’ll finally be able to…

✔️ Stop wracking your brain wondering WHY your offer isn’t selling (Is it the copy? Design? Offer? That damn blue tequila?…and dive right into fixing it

✔️ End “analysis paralysis”, along with the ongoing frustration of perpetual tinkering and tweaking

✔️ Launch that funnel with confidence…and stop burning money on ads that don’t lead into a perfectly engineered sales page

✔️ Finally get your Signature Offer or digital course off the backburner and making you money, with a mouthwatering sales page that converts

✔️ Look like the expert you are with an authority-building, trustworthy sales page

A Quickie Audit & Critique is THE BEST – and FASTEST – way to getting rapid results to transform your sales page from failing…


But don’t take my word for it…here’s what others have said about their Quickie:

Seeing my page through your eyes is invaluable, Lisa-May – this is a fantastic service.

Can’t wait to tear up the old copy and make it 1000x better!

Dina Kennedy

Founder, DinaKennedy.com

Copy is SO important and I know I waste a ton of time trying to come up with the right words in everything – headlines, ads, emails, sales page and so on. What you just did in a few minutes means a lot to me in value.

Rob Galvin

Founder, DegreeFreeCareers.com

I’ve met with several copywriters and spent thousands…but you were the most helpful. Thank you!

Kelly James

Creator, Sales Success for Introverts™ SYSTEM

You could easily spend thousands on a copywriter like me to write copy for you or improve what’s already there, without ever really understanding what needed to change and why…

…Waiting WEEKS and often MONTHS for a completed draft…

…Or you could get the eyeballs of a professional copywriter and expert wordslinger on your copy in as little as TWO days with a  Quickie.

With the added bonus of understanding the WHY behind the changes, so you don’t repeat the same mistakes over and over.

Book your Quickie now to rapidly improve your results ⬇️

Availability for this service is extremely limited, and sessions are scheduled on a first come, first served basis.

The Sales Page Quickie is an express service with limited availability.

Guarantee your spot now by clicking the button above.

NOTE:  I can’t promise you’ll get specific results, but I can vow that you’ll come away with actionable items that, when executed correctly, will transform your current outcome.

When you select your option above, you’ll shoot straight to the checkout, and once your payment is confirmed be sent directly to the client questionnaire.

Only a handful of Quickies are offered every month. If all spots are reserved, click here to join the waiting list for first dibs when a new spot opens up!

Book your Quickie now.

Have questions? I’ve got answers…

How does a Quickie work?

The Copy Quickie is the absolute EASIEST (and FASTEST) way to work with a copywriter, like…EVAH.

Here’s how it works:

  1. You book your Quickie by clicking the Book Now button above
  2. Make your payment to secure your spot
  3. Fill out the form on the Thank You page to provide the info I’ll need to complete your Quickie, then…
  4. Sit tight and wait for an email from me that’ll confirm your Quickie and give you further instructions, including when you can expect to get your results

You’ll walk away with a TON of wildly valuable information and insights on how to transform your lackluster, under-performing content into something that hauls in copious amounts of cashola!

You can be on your way from, “Why isn’t anyone signing up?!” (sad emoji) to, “Holy crap, an 81% lift in conversions!” in as little as TWO Business Days.

How do I book my Quickie?

Mosey on up the page and click the button to book your Quickie.

Once you click to book, you’ll be ushered straight to the checkout page to make your payment and lock in your spot.

Once that’s done, you’ll be rocketed over to the Quickie Questionnaire. Then, after your form’s submitted, I’ll shoot you an email with the remaining details about your Quickie.

Note that you may need to wait a few days for your Quickie, based on availability of this insanely popular service.

How do I know if I'm ready for a Quickie?

You’re ready for a Quickie if…

* Facebook ads driving traffic to an opt-in just aren’t working
* Your signature service or product isn’t selling
* Your evergreen or launch funnel isn’t working as planned

…And you’re ready to quit messing around and finally find out what’s broken, where, and how to fix it FAST.

How long will it take?

Quickies are subject to availability and on a first come, first-served basis…absolutely NO exceptions. Which means, if you want a Quickie done ASAP, but there are 10 people ahead of you, then you’re 11th in line.

Depending on my “Quickie” schedule, you may be able to book your Quickie in as little as TWO business days.

Considering most copywriting projects are booked out weeks in advance and take a larger amount of time to complete, this is still the fastest way to get results!

What's the guarantee I'll get results?

Hey, I get it. Everyone want assurances that their hard-earned bucks will be well-invested.

Like any copywriting, consulting or coaching business investment, there is no guarantee of specific results with a Quickie due to a gazillion factors outside my control.

BUT what I CAN do is assure you is that our time together will be well spent, and you’ll come away with expert advice, newfound knowledge and resources that WILL improve the outcome of your sales page.

You’ll only get my best advice, based on my years of in-the-trenches expertise working with other online business owners to help them get better results and increase their profits.

STILL have questions? Shoot an email to me here: lisamay [at] lisamayhuby [dot] com.