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Whether you’re looking for one-on-one help to increase traffic or conversions, or you want training so you can bootstrap without looking like a DIY-er, I can help.

Choose from the options below to get started.

Courses & Training

A recording of my most recent live masterclass, Underground Traffic Hacks deals out simple, easy-to-implement SEO tactics that will explode your website’s traffic and get your content SEEN.

Mine hidden traffic and profits from “unpopular” sources! With the Long Tail Keyword Traffic System, I show you how you can unearth a goldmine of long tail keywords using free resources.

300+ done-for-you scripts for sticky business situations, like raising your rates, dealing with stage-5 clingers, time-wasters and deadbeats, client follow-up…and more. All brought to you by the amazingly gifted Ash Ambirge and The Middle Finger Project. Never be at a loss for words again. **I am a proud affiliate for this product, which means I may receive a commission if you purchase through this link.**

Private Coaching & Consulting

Explode your traffic, leads and paying customers with winning content and proven SEO methods…minus the guesswork!

One-on-one, live and in-person, step-by-step hand-holding, sanity-saving help for your biz. And you.

Whether you’re building a personal brand or setting up an eCommerce site, knowing how – and what – to sell is as essential to your online biz as breathing is to your well-being (and, well, being alive).

Here’s an idea of what I love helping courageous entrepreneurs like you with:

  • Communicating with your ideal client through copywriting. From writing web copy and sales emails that convert, to tackling sales pages and product descriptions that sell, knowing how to turn lurkers into buyers (something I’ve got over a decade of experience in) is fundamental to every online biz!
  • Creating epic content and getting traffic to it using proven SEO methods – not as scary or techie as you’d think once you stop grasping at straws and know exactly what to do. Who knew?
  • Setting up the ultimate sales funnel from start to finish (seriously, if you don’t have a sales funnel you’re leaving a pile of dough on the table!)
  • Getting started with Facebook ads, including how to create custom audiences, retargeting, and how to choose the audience that’ll fit you juuuust right (a giant part of eCommerce success)
  • Setting up a niche Shopify store, including a few sneaky theme customizations you can make to set your store apart from the competition
  • Uncovering and sourcing profitable products to sell on Amazon or your own store using free tools and ingenuity

*Investment: Starting at $2,500 USD per month, minimum 2-month commitment. By application only.

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Note: Not everyone will qualify for this exclusive giveaway. To find out if you meet the criteria for your free mini-session, submit your application now.

Not ready for that kind of commitment? Visit the blog and my free resource library!

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