Attention Digital Marketers and Online Business Builders:


How Would Your Life Change If Suddenly Your Digital Products, Online Programs and Offers Increased In Sales By 2x, 3x, or even 4X?


If you’re convinced that the digital products or programs you’re selling have killer potential but you’re still not seeing the revenue you’d like, I’ll show you how a few simple changes to copy can skyrocket your sales and profits.



Dear Fellow Digital Marketer,

Doing business online ain’t exactly the easy road to glory and riches, is it?

And I think you’ll agree with me when I say it’s not getting any easier.

I mean…

…Customers and prospects are increasingly wary and tight-fisted…

…Inboxes are overcrowded and over-stuffed with over-hyped marketing messages…

…Attention spans are at a staggering all-time low…

…The cost of advertising is through the roof, soon to be a strategy only enjoyed by the uber successful (not kitchen table CEO’s like you and me)…

…Glossy new competitors are sweeping in, infesting your space, and plundering your piece of the pie.

Let’s face it:

The days of “good enough”, like cheap Facebook™ advertising, are long gone.

And getting away with so-so copy or following the “better done than perfect” motto in your marketing will only continue to cost you money if you don’t do something about it, right now.

Here’s why…


67% of the people who had their credit card in-hand and were ready to buy from you, WON’T.


And I’m pretty sure you can’t afford to let more than two-thirds of sales slip through your fingers (a hard number for anyone to swallow).

So what’s a savvy online business owner like you to do?

That’s easy…

What you need is powerfully effective copy that assassinates your competition and makes low ROI a distant, fuzzy memory.

I’m Lisa-May Huby, expert wordslinger and persuasion strategist for online business owners. I make my living writing powerhouse sales copy that compounds your bottom line by 2x…3x…4x…or more.

I’m honored to have worked with some of the most successful coaches, business strategists and information marketers because of my proven track record of writing words that sell. And I’ve helped thousands of small businesses and entrepreneurs grow their businesses by sharing my knowledge and providing easy-to-understand, actionable advice with my digital products and free resources.

If you’ve been trying to sell products that help people become a better version of themselves, like online coaching programs, eBooks, digital products, or workshops, working with me to refine your sales copy virtually guarantees a grand-slam of customers, sales and profits.

But here’s the thing…

I no longer write copy for clients. 

Of course, that doesn’t mean I can’t help you.


“Copy is so important and I know I waste so much time trying to come up with right words in everything – headlines, ads, emails, sales pages, etc. What you just did in a few minutes means a lot to me in value.”

 ~  Rob Galvin,


“I have met with several copywriters and spent thousands and still felt that you were the most helpful. Thank you!”

~ Kelly James, Creator of Sales Success for Introverts™ SYSTEM


I’m looking for the Holy Grail of clients.

Experienced visionaries who want something better for themselves and the world who have created a truly unique, innovative product that they KNOW will impact lives, if only they could get it into more hands with a little help from an expert.

Or, more accurately, ballsy business owners who are ready to consult with a proven copywriter and conversion strategist who will help them get better results, and put more money in their pocket when they take action.

(That’s where you come in.)

I don’t sugar-coat things. And some of the advice I give may make you feel a little nervous.

That’s because it’s based on over a decade of writing highly persuasive copy for online businesses and takes the road of what’s been PROVEN to work versus the “low-sell” (or NO sell) approach that so many new, “mush cookie” entrepreneurs are using these days.

(If that’s how you’ve been marketing yourself, then you’ve already seen the results that gets you.)

Powerfully persuasive copy will at first seem like a big step (especially if you’re used to the useless free advice doled out all over the interwebz these days). But the impact it has on your bottom line can’t be ignored.

Here’s the kicker:

If you’ve got a killer product, program or offer, my vast knowledge of persuasion and no-BS advice will make you money.

A bold statement for sure…especially in a game of unknowns.

Now, you might be wondering how I can make such a wildly outrageous statement.

That’s because if I…

  1. Don’t believe in your product or offer, and
  2. Don’t believe I can help you double, triple or quadruple your results when you apply my advice, I won’t work with you.

It’s simple, really.

"75 Mintues was all it took!"

In just one 75-minute session with Lisa-May, she helped me get my head out of the sand to see the bigger picture and understand where things were going wrong. She provided strategic advice for how my overall sales funnel could flow better, and ways to improve my email copy for better results.

At the end of our session, I had a blow-by-blow list of things to change, exactly HOW to change them and where, as well as some new insights into what makes copy convert.

I’d highly recommend Lisa-May to any online marketer who’s stuck and needs help from a knowledgeable and proven conversion copywriter.

Olly Richards

Founder & CEO, I Will Teach You a Language

"My secret weapon"

I don’t know what her secret is, but Lisa-May is the complete package, and the secret weapon I love to have in my back pocket!

Julie Cornish

Online Business Mentor, Mindset Expert & Bestselling Author,

Here’s An Idea Of Who Gets The Best Results From Working With Me

  • Information Marketers
  • Business & Productivity Coaches
  • Marketing & Sales Funnel Strategists
  • Copywriters (yes, I work with those too!)
  • eCommerce Store Owners
  • Fitness Professionals
  • Nutritionists
  • Email Marketers

…and other digital marketers who can offer TANGIBLE results with what they’re selling (sorry Life Coaches, Mindset Coaches and other fluffy, woo-woo types, but I’m probably not the strategist for you).

When you consult with me and then ACT on implementing the copywriting techniques and changes I recommend, we’re attacking the same goal, together.


In fact, your one-on-one session with me could remove your confusion, frustration and fear of writing copy that sells…forever.

Isn’t that the type of guidance and accountability – and a giant sigh of relief – you’re craving?

Here’s the deal…

If you’re ready to stop chasing after crappy advice from goo-roo’s, fluffpreneurs and the unproven multitudes of free advice-givers and start getting actual results from your sales pages, emails and more, then choose one of the options below.


Copy 911: 1-Hour Private Consultation

Together we’ll dive into what’s tripping up your efforts. For 60 minutes, you’ll get custom-tailored advice and feedback from an expert with over a decade in copywriting on the biggest changes you can make right now to start getting better results.

You’ll get the exact steps you need to take to improve the current copy on your pages, plus proven and tested methods to connect with your audience so you can write better copy, every time.

Things we can talk about include…

  • Email funnel sequencing
  • Sales copy
  • Website copy
  • Message-to-Market match
  • Opt-in conversions

…and almost any other piece of copywriting that’s not generating the results you want.

Stop wasting your time trying to “wing it”. I’ll show you how to write copy that turns browsers into buyers with simple, frustration-free changes, plus help you write better copy…for life.

And at just $750? This is probably the best modest investment you can make in your biz.

Note: Availability for this service is extremely limited. Click the button below to book yours now.

Copy CPR (An In-Depth Critique)

This service is an in-depth written critique to revive your lifeless, lackluster copy so you can start getting better results, pronto!

You’ll typically receive 8-12 pages of detailed notes (often augmented by video), with thorough explanations of the conversion process and how you can overcome your specific sales challenges. 

This is perfect for a specific sales challenge you’re facing (like a launch or email funnel), or a general overview of all your marketing.

When we’re done, you’ll have headline ideas, design and layout recommendations as is pertains to conversions and copy flow, as well as call-to-action and story suggestions…all designed to maximize the value you get from every website visitor.

Mission critical here is to get you the help you need in as little time as possible so you can start getting results, and take your sales page from flatlined to phenomenal.

Reserve your Copy CPR now for just $1,500.

Please allow 7-10 business days for your critique to be completed. Payable in full on booking.

Please note that I am not actively looking for new done-for-you copywriting clients at this time. To work with me, select from the options above.

“A killer sales page…”

scott_o_fbLisa-May’s not only an experienced sales page copywriter, but one of her superpowers is nailing the client’s voice perfectly.

The outcome? A killer sales page, and the end to our search for a reliable and knowledgeable copywriter to continue working with!

~ Scott Oldford, CEO of INFINITUS + Founder of LeadCraft

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