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Welcome to the #UnstoppableBiz Show, the weekly LIVE Facebook show dedicated to helping you build and grow an #UnstoppableBiz.

Join special guests and me (Lisa-May) as we jam each Thursday at 2 p.m EST / 11 a.m. PST on all things related to being an online entrepreneur: launches, copywriting, ads, design, mindset, wellness and more.

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Today marks the inaugural episode (I’m like, pee-my-pants excited!), and I’ll be throwing down how to plan a profitable launch.

I’m breaking down:

  • What NOT to do when planning a launch, so you can have greater success
  • Things to think about…that most people get dead wrong
  • The 4 launch phases, and the copy you need to write for each
  • How to deploy your communications like a pro

…and more

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If you’re planning on launching anything this year (or ever), like a signature offer, program or digital course, then watch this video now.

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Over to you…

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