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“Most people screw this up…I don’t want you to be one of them!”

If you’re reading this, you’re probably wondering what “it” is.

Is it Facebook ads?

A sales funnel?

Copywriting? (well yes, but that’s not what we’re talking about here…)

Writing content?

Nope – it’s none of those.

I can sum it up with one word…


Keyword research, to be precise.

Fact is, most people don’t even DO keyword research (or they do it all wrong)…

…which means they’re not taking advantage of the free organic traffic that could be coming their way…

…and leaving a TON of money on the table.

Because more traffic = more leads = more sales.


See, most “goo-roos” and “experts” would have you believe that your keywords need to be popular terms in order to reach Google’s top spot and get more traffic…


Or they think you need to hire expensive freelancers or SEO agencies…

Or they tell you to write more blog posts, do more videos, more social media…in the hopes customers will magically find you…

Or they believe there’s some secret loophole, shortcut or miracle trick to game Google and skyrocket your name to the top of page 1.

The thing is…

They couldn’t be MORE WRONG. (#facepalm)


If that’s what you’ve been led to believe, it’s okay – you’re not alone.

But there’s something you should know…


Long tail keywords make up 70% of the web’s search queries, and convert 2.5x more often than other search terms.


image of long tail keyword stats

(image courtesy of Neil Patel)


Fact is, when there are BILLIONS of web pages floating around and LESS THAN A QUARTER of them actually get any eyeballs on them, you can’t afford to ignore ANY opportunity to get more traffic.


Most people don’t even know how search engines work, let alone how they can leverage and use “unpopular” search terms – known as long tail keywords – to grow their business.

The good news is, I’m going to show you how how to do just that.

So you can generate more traffic and easily outrank your competition…

…even if you’re a nobody…

…even if you’re not techie…

…even if nothing else has worked so far…

…even if you haven’t got a CLUE how SEO works, and…

…even if you’re not a writer or if you use YouTube as your main business model (yes – this system works for video!)


With my proven and tested, 4-step Long Tail Keyword Traffic System you’ll learn…


The biggest complaint I hear (and what I used to struggle with myself) is choosing the WRONG keywords to try and rank for. That’s why we’ll cover exactly what you need to know before using any keyword so you don’t waste time on duds.

Because if you pick the WRONG keyword, it’s more work for you.

Choosing the RIGHT keywords is dead simple once you know…

✔️ How to tap into “search ESP” to know what prospective customers are searching for…even before they do it

✔️ The search “sweet spot” that practically guarantees your content delivers exactly what customers are craving

✔️ How to quickly spot the “easy money” keywords for every step of the customer journey, from tire-kicker to shopping cart

✔️ How to leverage long tail keywords to sidestep the giant search “blind spot” most content marketers fall into


Next, once you know how people are searching and can eyeball where they are in the conversion process, I’ll show you…

✔️ 13 little-known, overlooked FREE tools you can use to mine for traffic-building, long tail keyword GOLD (chances are, your competitors don’t even know these exist)

✔️ How to find the “low-hanging fruit” to suck in more revenue-generating traffic

✔️ How you can uncover profitable keywords lurking in your own content, and easily leverage them to skyrocket your results

✔️ A sneaky (but 100% ethical) way to reveal the EXACT search volumes for any term using the Google Keyword Planner


Of course, just because you’ve found what appears to be a profitable keyword, that’s only half the battle. You also need to know how competitive the term is, and whether you stand a snowball’s chance in Hell of actually ranking for it.

That’s why I’ll show you ways to…

✔️ Quickly and easily size up the competition to determine whether it’s worth duking it out…or a complete waste of time

✔️ Determine a site’s “authority” (this can make or break your traffic generation efforts)

✔️ Find easy sites anyone can outrank…if they know what to look for


Naturally, finding profitable keywords is great, but you’ve actually got to put them to USE. And this is where many people fall short.

That’s why in the final step, I’ll walk you through…

✔️ 6 specific places you MUST use keywords if you want results…do this right, and you could easily outrank your competitors and leave ’em eating your dust

✔️ What NOT to do in order to avoid getting slapped by Google (even doing just ONE of these could get you completely banned!)

Keyword research is the “missing piece” of traffic generation and SEO that most online marketers leave out. And really, I can’t blame them: it sounds like a lot of work.

But the truth is, once you know what to do and what to look for, keyword research is easy.

And anyone can do it with what I’ll show you in the Long Tail Keyword Traffic System.

❌ No expensive tools…

❌ No special skills…

❌ No more driving yourself crazy on the content creation hamster wheel…

❌ No guesswork, or crossing your fingers, hoping and praying you get traffic

Just a simple, repeatable method of revealing the hidden goldmine of long tail keywords waiting to be unearthed.


I could go on and on and convince you to fork over $97…or even $197…

After all, what you’ll learn will equip you with a virtual endless stream of traffic for years.

But I’m going to hand it all over to you for less than a lunch out with drinks, or a night at the movies.


Today, you can get the Long Tail Keyword Traffic System for just $37.

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This is a step-by-step method of finding and using profitable long tail keywords to grow your traffic…and your revenue.


Bottom line is, you really only have two choices if you’re serious about building and growing a sustainable online business.

You can keep chasing after every trendy, shiny, “no-fail” recipe that pops into your inbox…drive yourself crazy (and deeper into debt) with expensive Facebook ads…and duke it out on social media to try and convert followers into paying customers, or…

You can drive FREE, organic traffic to your content that brings in qualified leads and sales simply by optimizing your content for search terms people use everyday.


If you’re looking to learn how to market and grow business using actionable tips and strategies, Lisa-May Huby is someone I’d recommend to anyone starting out online.
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~ Maria Hinton, Possibilitarian and Prosperity Coach,

Price: $97  Just $37 for a limited time!

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