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The Traffic Accelerator is a done-for-you service that explodes your organic traffic, leads and paying customers using proven SEO and winning content


Get More FREE Traffic to Your Content…

⊗ without time-consuming research or prior SEO experience…

⊗ without praying you stumble on a blog topic your audience will love and share…

⊗ without wasting anymore of your time on traffic tactics that just. don’t. work.

There’s no better way to grab the attention from prospects than landing in front of them at exactly the right time:

When they’re searching for what they need (and you offer).

Problem is…


(Good news is, you don’t have to be one of them)

Here’s the thing –

Most “experts” and “goo-roos” still think that by simply creating content and more content (and even MORE content), Google will magically “discover” your stuff and serve it up to people searching for what you’re offering.

And they’re DEAD WRONG. In fact…


If that’s how you’ve been doing things, chances are all it’s gotten you so far is overworked, overwhelmed and over-budget.

It’s time you stopped:

❌ Constantly creating new blog posts and web pages that no one sees…EVER

❌ Pumping your hard-earned and harder-to-come-by dolla dolla bills into someone else’s pocket (who only shows you the shiny surface tactics, not what will get you proven, measurable results)…

❌ Doing what you’ve been doing, because HELLO, clearly it ain’t working…


It’s time to work SMARTER – not HARDER – and start bringing customers TO you…instead of endlessly chasing them.

Whether you’re in eCommerce, affiliate marketing, or selling digital products or services, when you’re marketing yourself online, your ability to generate TRAFFIC for leads will make or break you.

After all, what good’s that sexy sales funnel unless you’ve got traffic to fill it?

Your Traffic Accelerator Includes:

✔️ Custom Long-Tail Keyword Profits

A list of longtail keywords hand-picked specifically for your niche that you can start ranking for. 

Watch over my shoulder as I guide you through the process I follow that will save you wasting hours and hours of research…then sit back and profit from these “unpopular” search terms!

✔️ Competitive Content Recon

I’ll go undercover, diving deep into uncovering who your top competitors REALLY are, revealing their best-performing content and keywords so you can get to work stealing their traffic and outranking them, saving you hours of tedious, time-consuming research.

✔️ Proven Content Winners

Based on what my research uncovers, I’ll equip you with 5 winning blog topic ideas that your audience is dying to know more about. PLUS, I’ll identify which longtail keywords you can use and optimize for.

✔️ Detailed SEO Analysis

A full-blown, top-to-tail report of your content’s optimization. I’ll point out specific areas you can start improving now, along with step-by-step instructions on how to do it.

✔️ Compelling, Clickable Headlines

5 done-for-you, optimized blog post headlines that’ll make people click written by me – a professional copywriter!

PLUS, I’ll arm you with a copy of my 51 Clickable Headlines guide so you can easily and quickly write click-worthy headlines for all your content.

✔️ Secret Content Vault Template

A copy of my Content Vault spreadsheet pre-populated with ideas and inspiration you can use to create a constant stream of unique blog posts and content.

✔️ Long Tail Keyword Traffic System

You’ll be granted full access to my step-by-step method of finding and using profitable long tail keywords to grow your traffic…and your revenue.


➡️ Private, 1-hour content strategy session (a $900 value)! Besides everything else you see here, you’ll receive an extra 1 hour one-on-one session where we’ll identify your content’s Pillar Posts and cornerstone content, and map out your entire content marketing strategy. You’ll have a crystal-clear roadmap to follow to help you achieve your business goals…and a stockpile of content to create!

The TOTAL VALUE of the Traffic Accelerator is over $6,491

But your investment is just $3,000

To apply for a Traffic Accelerator package and get your FREE 30-minute, no-obligation strategy session, click the button to start your application now.

Need more than 5 blog post ideas and research? Ask me about my 3-month and 6-month content plans.

Just who the heck am I?

I’m Lisa-May, online marketing consultant with over 2 decades of experience helping businesses big and small sell their products and services better…and smarter.

For years I struggled to create “valuable content” – the kind of stuff that people rabidly devour and share, and actually gets seen instead of relegated to the deep, dark search engine back pages…

…and generate leads for my businesses.

Then I discovered what it actually takes to create content that gets SEEN.

Now I write content that’s not only wildly useful…

…that people learn from and love to read…

…but also helps me show up in search engines like Google, so I’m right there when someone needs guidance.

For every Traffic Accelerator, I use the proven tactics and strategies I’ve personally implemented in my own businesses over the couple of years to help you create clickable, shareable content and rank on Google.

SEO doesn’t have to (and absolutely shouldn’t) be something only “big brands” do.

TRAFFIC – and getting boatloads of it – is the lifeblood of any online business.

Without it, you simply DON’T have one.


The current buzz…

If you’re looking to learn how to market and grow business using actionable tips and strategies, Lisa-May Huby is someone I’d recommend to anyone starting out online.
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~ Maria Hinton, Possibilitarian and Prosperity Coach,

"My secret weapon"

I don’t know what her secret is, but Lisa-May is the complete package, and the secret weapon I love to have in my back pocket!

Julie Cornish

Online Business Mentor, Mindset Expert & Bestselling Author,

“75 Mintues was all it took”

In just one 75-minute session with Lisa-May, she helped me get my head out of the sand to see the bigger picture and understand where things were going wrong. She provided strategic advice for how I could improve my overall results. I’d highly recommend Lisa-May to any online business owner who’s stuck and needs help from a knowledgeable and proven marketing expert.

Olly Richards

Founder & CEO, I Will Teach You a Language