The fastest way to write click-worthy content people will actually read…

…without guesswork, endlessly groping for ideas, or killing yourself

“Most people struggle with this, and I don’t want you to be one of them!”

Wondering what it could be?

Sitting there thinking, hmm…is it keyword research?

…or coming up with topics?

…maybe it’s promoting it?


It’s none of the above.

The #1 thing most online marketers struggle with when it comes to content marketing is…


A 2015 study by Hubspot revealed that most marketers spend 1 – 2 hours writing a measly 500-word blog post.

(image courtesy of Hubspot)

And now that Google ranks pages based on “dwell time” (how long people actually stick around to read your shtuff), it’s even more vital that your content be seen as valuable and popular if you want to get more traffic, leads and paying customers.

So, double the wordcount to make Google happy (so you get rewarded with higher ranking), and you’re now looking at 2 – 4 hours. PER blog post, minimum.

It’s RIP to the days of quickie 500-word blog posts.

Not what you wanted to hear, I bet.

More traffic = longer content = more time spent writing 😞

Now you’re probably wondering, “Okay smarty-pants. I’m already overworked and overwhelmed…how exactly do I pull this off?”

That’s okay – I’ll get to it in a sec…

See, these days I spend anywhere from 6 – 8 hours per blog post as part of my marketing.

It’s a long process, sure…

A big investment.

But I don’t expect you to do the same.

Because it takes me so long to create epic content, I had to find a way to shave some time off.

Remove any decision-making about what kinds of posts get eyeballs, clicks and shares…

…and are proven winners without being the same, tired old “how to” or “numbers” posts.

I needed something that would help me create new content people would love, even when I was tapped out of fresh ideas, working on a tight deadline, or just couldn’t EVEN think anymore.

So I developed templates to help me reduce my total writing time.

Now? After my research is done, all I do is open up one of these 4 templates, drop my content in, and go.

Rinse and repeat.

And since it’s been a huge time-saver for me, I figured it would probably be a lifesaver for other business owners also struggling to crank out the necessary content they need to grow their business.

The smart, but-already-overworked-and-overwhelmed ones, like you.

That’s why I’ve decided to crack open my vault and share 4 of my favorite blog post templates from my top-secret stash with you.


Swipe these 4 templates to write proven, winning blog posts…EVERY TIME!


image of winning blog post templates

Here’s a peek at what you’ll get:

Post Type #1: The Aggregated Post

Simple and quick to write, the “aggregated post” is a quick way to ‘out-content’ your competitors!

Post Type #2: The Interview Post

Perfect for building your authority and credibility, as well as leveraging other people’s traffic…

Post Type #3: The Review Post

A little-known way to leverage other people’s hard work, and create winning cornerstone content for your blog.

Post Type #4: The Expert Round-Up Post

This post type is an instant credibility-booster, AND gets you in front of more experts while providing massive value for your reader!


Basically, I walk you through the nitty gritty of creating 4 types of blockbuster content that serves, sells AND boosts your traffic!

These 4 blog post templates will…

✔️ Dramatically slice a huge chunk off your writing time

✔️ Help you structure every post you write in a way that’s engaging and draws readers into your content, increasing that “dwell time” Google loves so much

✔️ Take the guesswork out of what to write about next with proven popular blog post ideas

Best part?

They’re just $7 right now (but not for long).

With these blog post templates, you’ll create winning, read-worthy posts every. SINGLE. TIME.

No scratching your head for days wondering what to write about this week…

No slipping whisky into your morning coffee to brace yourself for hours spent in front of your computer writing…

No angry-typing…

Just click, sign up, and get your paws on these 4 proven, winning blog post templates that you can put to use right away.

And start “doing content marketing” without all the overwhelm, self-doubt and guesswork.

For just $7.

Stop wasting your time trying to “wing it”. Put your content creation on autopilot with these 4 blog post templates so you can start working smarter, not harder.

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This is a no-B.S., clear-cut and actionable way of creating better content, faster.

(Now doesn’t that sound like a smarter way of doing things?)


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